La pression du nombre



First of all I would like to thank Malot and Zoë for yesterday … it was such a hard day. But we conquered it all with our trio of clowns … BRAVO!!! Tze saga continues …Today it was school time … two schools ... thousand of kids … First one 850, I couldn’t believe my eyes when we were setting up … every where I looked there were kids coming to us … unbelievable … after the show we literally were swimming in a sea of blackness … I was pissing my pants.The second show there were even more kids, at least thousand. But luckily they were more disciplined. Afterwards we were followed by hundreds of outrageous kids … got a bit dangerous when we jumped into our car, cause they were following us on the street … Unfortunately because of those two shows Zoë lost her voice, which makes sense … two shows for such a big crowd without an amp … Ahwell … we will survive …






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