Un jour à l'hosto: la pluie s'invite


malo mama

In the morning we went to the Hospital General in Bunia … our second hospital clown adventure …  a lot of nice little moments with the three of us .. . but once again it’s not easy playing in the hospitals … often we where looked at like we are magicians. Anyhow clowning mixed with music works the best in this country … they sure got rhythm. At the end of our tour we had a nice audience following us … SHOWTIME … but then unfortunately it started to rain … no even worse it was a huge storm … the worst one we encountered so far  (yes folks tze weather is really lush here … hihi). Together with our crowd we found some shelter … waiting until the storm pas by … chanting … music … foolin’ around … dancing … it was a nice ambiance we got going. Waiting … what we gone do, the ground was to wet … o.k. we gotta leave … but then a really enthousiast guy from the hospital wanted us to  stay. Unfortunately we could come back another day … pressure … There’s a little space where you can play … o.k. we play … but we were really tired. Two hours of clowning no break, a little dusty place, a crowd who wasn’t getting’ it … a nightmare, we should have said no … ahwel sometimes it’s not bad to fail …

In the afternoon we played back behind the hospital Bon Marche for the people who had to leave there villages during the war plus some 40 street kids. We had a nice crowd of 250 people. It was fun, the kids who recognized us from Tuesday welcomed us with our own songs from the show … Che Che Coule al around us … Thanks again Clowns Without Borders Ireland … this song really rocks!!! It was a huge party from the beginning until tze end. It wasn’t our best show, but the kids they rocked. Once again our farewell was so amazing … surrounded by outrageous kids, all with a little sparkle of light in their eyes. Amazing … but it made me a little sad … such beautiful people … but this country still got a long way to go … equality???

Afterwards I did some solo clowning in the hospital … it was great, I’m starting to understand the Congolese a little bit better … they can be very rude … but a simple No they response with a smile.

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