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We made it! After 1 day of flying from Bxl to Kinshasa and today from Kinshasa to bunia.

Me tired … Now we’re staying with Msf Suisse.


First impressions of Congo made me less nervous, but yet it’s a gentile approach.

So far we’ve been treated like kings. Every airport we’ve been picked up by a jeep.

Security at every place we stay. Yep it’s a post war country and the Ngo we’re staying with got heavy security codes. We got night curfew, can’t walk everywhere we wan’t.

Aswell the U.N. is everywhere … it makes me feel safer but aswel weird. All this shit creates a distance between us white folks and the local population.




Newsflash … North-Kivu … 10.000 people had to fled from there villages.

There now situated around Goma … but where?




We did our first shows … fieuw … a load of our back.

Yes indeed we kicked ass!

Yesterday we played for about a 200 people who had to fled from there village 3 years ago because of the war.

At the end of the show we entered there little camp with our little fanfare, followed by a bunch of outrageous kids … they where going loco … singing, dancing … a musical chaos feast … tze locals shure love music.


At night we had a meeting with some local NGO’s. At the end of the meeting some crazy stories came out.

In January there was a big riot here in Bunia, caused by the Congolese army.

Two locals killed … NGO’s attacted …

I’m starting to understand the security rules. It makes me wonder about livin’ during a war occurs … this country got a long way to go and once again it’s the pure hearted people who suffer the most!


Today we played in the hospital of  Msf for the first time. Yep once again radical cliniclowning … an encounter between two cultures … I love it but it’s tough and very emotional. People never saw clowns here plus there white.

At the beginning we kicked of very well … gentle entry … nice impro’s … Zoe who kicked ass with here Swaili lyrics acompagnied by me gentile ukelele strumming.

Than a women spoke to us very aggressive … damn we both got stupefied … what is she saying … should we leave … oops what did we do … but then we understood … she didn’t wanted us to stop playing music … it’s weird but a lot of time when they talk to us it got an aggressive undertone … but it isn’t … it’s just their way of talking … yep we’re learning day by day …

The next wards we failed … c’est la vie … it’s not easy getting contact with a sick African child who never saw a clown before … good we didn’t pushed it … we gotta put the focus more on our clown impro … and stop focusing on the child … take time … focus on a trick they can follow … gain comfort and then we will succeed … once again we’re learning …


Afterwards we did our show at an open spot in the hospital … less crowd … less kids … but anyhow we rocked … the show is getting better … we’re still rehearsing every day … changing … we’ll get there …


Tomorrow we’re going to play for ex female child soldiers … once again …

Violence … sexual violation… wounds of war … it’s starting to sound like a record witch repeats itselve …


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